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Valencia Health Update

Latest news about how the global corona virus outbreak is affecting the city.

Valencia remains closed for tourism at the moment and the current state of emergency in Spain is until 9 May 2020.

At a national level in Spain there is evidence that the peak of the epidemic passed around the middle of April and some lockdown measures have been tentatively relaxed, including the resumption of some non-essential work and the partial opening of some public parks.

The Spanish government has said they hope to carefully relax more lockdown measures at the beginning of May, depending on the decline of COVID-19 case numbers.

People can circulate on the streets anywhere in Spain if it is for an essential reason, such as going to work, buying food, medicines, or visiting a cash machine.

The airport and train stations have remained open in Valencia city throughout the crisis, but cultural centres, museums, theatres, libraries, exhibition halls, sports facilities, cinemas, night clubs, the City of Arts and Sciences, Bioparc and bars all closed and remain closed for the moment. Some restaurants are open for food deliveries only.

Taxis, metro and buses are operating to and from the airport. Access to buses must be through the central door and tickets cannot be paid in cash (only bus pass or Valencia Tourist Card).

According to the latest Spanish government figures, the Valencian region (not just the city, but the wider autonomous community area) had confirmed a total of 10,180 cases of COVID-19. This compares with 59,421 for the Madrid region and 47,755 for Catalonia, where Barcelona is located.*

This means the Valencia region had an average of 2.0 confirmed cases in total per 1,000 of population, compared with 8.9 for the Madrid region, 6.2 for Catalonia, 2.7 for London and 14.8 for New York.*

Official tourism board staff are available through this live chat to answer any questions you may have regarding your visit to Valencia, during the following hours (Spanish time):

From Monday to Saturday, 9am to 2pm
Sundays and Public Holidays, 10am to 2pm

If during your stay in Valencia you show symptoms such as fever, dry cough, sore throat or chest pain, and difficulty in breathing, please stay calm, do not leave your room or apartment, but contact your accommodation staff by phone, or call 112 or 900 300 555.

Further Official Information (in Spanish)

Spanish Ministry of Health updates and information

Spanish Secretary of State for Tourism updates and information

Please check travel advice from your own government and airline too.

Fallas Festival

It is hoped that the stalled 2020 Fallas festival will continue in July, with new dates for the main events from 15 to 19 July 2020. However, it is in some doubt and will be dependent on the health situation and subject to final approval by the Central Fallas Committee.

Sculptures were already being put in place around the city when the postponement was announced but some artists were quick to show they still have a sense of humour, placing a face mask on one, outside City Hall.

*Data and sources





















New York




Valencia region defined as the autonomous community of Valencia with a population of 5,003,769 in 2019. Source Spanish Government National Statistics Institute.

Madrid region defined as the autonomous community of Madrid with a population of 6,663,394 in 2019. Source Spanish Government National Statistics Institute.

Catalonia defined as the autonomous community of Catalonia with a population of 7,675,217 in 2019. Source Spanish Government National Statistics Institute.

London defined as the English region of London with a population of 8,908,081 in 2018. Source UK Government Office for National Statistics.

New York defined as the State of New York with a population of 19,453,561 in 2019. Source United States Census Bureau.

Latest available data on 26 April 2020 for Spanish confirmed COVID-19 cases source Spanish Government Ministry for Health.

Latest available data on 26 April 2020 for London confirmed COVID-19 cases source United Kingdom government.

Latest available data on 27 April 2020 for New York confirmed COVID-19 cases source Johns Hopkins University.

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