Valencia Marina

Built to host the 32nd America's Cup, the Valencia Marina — formerly known as the Juan Carlos I Royal Marina — is located next to Las Arenas beach, just north of the commercial port, where you can enjoy a wide range of leisure activities and boat excursions.

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The marina has services and facilities catering for all walks of life, and is undergoing constant development to ensure that the best is made from this wonderful facility. Discover leisure areas open to the public, which include restaurants, wine bars and more. Bike hire is available here.

Some of the more recent enhancements have included demolition of old buildings opening up the area for landscaped green spaces with gardens and walkways, integrating the marina with the city.

Boasting 800 berths for small watercraft at the southern marina and over 200 berths for medium and large recreational craft at the north marina, projects are underway to generate commercial zones required to support the marina and its boat owners.

There is also a cruise ship pier next to Valencia marina, a popular stop for many Mediterranean cruises.

Visit the marina's award winning architectural feat, Veles e Vents, built as the centrepiece of the port for the America's Cup. This striking piece of minimalist architecture presides over today’s marina, with a surface area of over 100,000 square feet (10,000 square metres) and is made up of horizontal platforms, which produce shade for the multiple terraces.

Architect David Chipperfield, explained that his intention was to create a building "where people could meet and enjoy a drink, therefore, the idea that the design itself would create natural shade on the terraces was a priority, so that the audience could feel comfortable both outside and inside the building".

At present the Veles a Vents building is used for private parties and events.

How to get there:

Metro: Take the metro to Marina Reial Joan Carles I on line 5, or to the nearby de Les Arenes on line 4.

Bus: EMT lines 2, 3, 4, 19 and 30 and lines 20 and 23 in the summer.

Valenbisi: There are several stops at Veles e Vents, and at the nearby Avda. You can also use the The Port or Paseo Neptuno stops.

See the Marina’s website for further information.