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Lawyers in Alicante and Valencia

There is a wide range of legal services that expats may require when moving here, or once they are resident in Spain.


We are Local Experts for Valencia and offer expat advice both directly and through other hand-picked expat service partners in the region.

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From Valencia notary offices, to attorneys in Alicante to lawyers in Castellon, we work with a wide range of reputable advisors throughout the region that we know personally, and who can assist with all types of legal advice.

Lawyers and solicitors in Valencia and Alicante often work in tandem with accountants and other advisors, sometimes in the same office, making it easier to gain access to all the services you need together.

Conveyancing and property lawyers

For many expats the journey starts with the purchase of property in Valencia and finding a reputable property lawyer or solicitor is key for a successful outcome.

By its nature, buying real estate in Spain will feel foreign to expats, the process and legal culture is quite different to that in the United Kingdom, U.S.A., northern Europe and other parts of the world.

Wise legal advice from a good local property lawyer can save you time, money and hassle. It's important to learn about the role a notary plays when it comes to getting the equivalent of the deeds; make the payment structure as efficient as possible to avoid over-paying on capital gains tax when it comes to selling the property; and do legal research to make sure all the property's paperwork is in order before completing a purchase. And there are many other important jobs your property lawyer can perform for you as well.

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Spanish wills for expats

Spanish inheritance laws may be quite different to your home country and, if you are resident here, a local Spanish will or testament may be important to make sure that after you die, your assets and possessions go to the right beneficiaries.

Many family inheritance rights are enshrined quite strictly in Spanish law and things can soon become complicated if you have children and/or possessions in other countries, as well as in Spain, so it's essential to get advice from a good local lawyer in Alicante or Valencia who understands local inheritance law and has plenty of experience working with expats.

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Powers of attorney

Giving power of attorney to a representative in Spain can be useful for purchasing property, or for many other legals tasks here. It means you may not need to be physically present to deal with much of the red tape and can delegate authority for someone else to do it on your behalf.

You may also find it prudent to give power of attorney to another family member or friend so they can manage your affairs for you after you die, which can make things a lot simpler for your beneficiaries and loved ones you leave behind.

Like most aspects of Spanish law, the way a power of attorney - or poder notarial - works here is probably going to feel quite foreign to you as an expat, but local legal advice will make things much easier to understand.

Our legal partners in Valencia and Alicante have many years of experience setting up powers of attorney and know the process and pitfalls inside out, including finding the right public notary and drafting the paperwork correctly.

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Other legal services

From resolving divorces and marital disputes, to business transactions, to arguments with neighbours and more, there could be any number of other reasons why you need legal advice as an expat in Valencia.

Knowing were to begin and who to trust can be difficult in another country, especially if you haven't mastered the local language. We're here to hep if you need us, we're Local Experts and have built up a strong network of reliable legal advisors in the many years we've been doing business here, so just get in touch if you'd like a hand finding the right lawyer or solicitor to help you anywhere in the Valencia region.