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Healthcare and Insurance

There are a number of healthcare options for expats in Valencia, from public to private, depending on individual circumstances.


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Whether you need health insurance for Spanish residency now or plan on moving here in the future, medical care is an important consideration.

We take a look at 4 options for covering you and your family's needs for expat health:

1) Spanish private healthcare insurance

Many foreigners resident in Valencia opt for a healthcare insurance from a local Spanish provider. A wide range of policies are available from a variety of insurance companies, giving good flexibility for the cover you need and easier access to English-speaking doctors.

Contact us to request advice from a local, English-speaking expat insurance expert or here are some Spanish healthcare insurance company websites you can visit for more information directly:

- ASSSA Insurance
- AXA Seguros
- SegurCaixa Adeslas
- Vivaz

2) International healthcare insurance

Even if you are resident in Valencia, if you travel to other countries frequently too, then an international travel and health insurance that covers you in Spain and anywhere else you visit may be a better option.

Contact us to request advice from a local, English-speaking expat insurance expert or here are some websites for international insurance companies that offer expat travel and/or health insurance directly:

- Expatriate Group
- Sanitas Expat
- Staysure Expat

3) Public health service

There are a number of ways you and your family can qualify for the Spanish national healthcare service as expats in Valencia, including: if you are working or in self-employment and are making contributions to social security; if you are receiving certain state benefits and/or are a state pensioner; or if you set up a Convenio Especial to pay for basic state-provided insurance.

If you are not resident in Spain, but in another European country that is part of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) scheme, then you can use your card to gain access to the public health service in Spain.

4) Pay for your own health care

This may be the only option if you don’t qualify for the Spanish public health service and don't have insurance, but it is definitely not recommended as you will have very little assistance finding care and treatment can get very expensive very quickly.

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