El Saler and beaches nearby

While Valencia has urban beaches, its well-known beaches are found 6 to 15 miles (10 to 24 kilometres) south of the city centre.

If you decide to visit this area, we recommend you head to the popular La Devesa or El Saler, which are both wonderful examples of the natural beaches the region has to offer. These beaches can be reached by taxi or private transport.

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Pinedo Beach

Pinedo beach is 1 mile (1.6 kilometre) long with an average width of 100 feet (32 meters). Located south of Valencia's Port and Yacht Club, Pinedo has plenty of restaurants and entertainment venues.

TIP! Pinedo is accessible by bike! Follow the bike lane from the City of Arts and Science.

El Saler Beach

Located to the south of El Saler town, this 1.6 mile (2.6 kilometre) beach is in the heart of the Albufera Nature Reserve. This popular beach has fine sand and is protected from the winds by sand dunes and a large expanse of pine forests.

TIP! There are a few bars with a fun atmosphere near the roundabout arriving at El Saler Beach. A great option if you fancy stopping for a drink.

Garrofera Beach

Next to Hotel Sidi, Garrofera Beach is also located in the dune area opened in the year 2007. Almost a mile long (1.5 kilometres), this beach is a continuation of El Saler beach.

Devesa Beach

You’ll find Devesa Beach between Puchol and Perellonet, in the heart of the Albufera Nature Reserve. The only truly wild beach found in the region, this 3 mile (5 kilometre) beach is in a highly protected part of the reserve.

The extraordinary natural environment boasts a rich ecosystem, both on the dunes and beyond with its mix of pines, fan palms, kermes oak and honeysuckle, giving shelter to many birds.

Perellonet Beach

Perellonet Beach is found at the southern limit of the municipality of Valencia, beyond vast expanses of rice fields. More than 1.8 miles (3 kilometres) long and around 216 feet (66 metres) wide, Perellonet Beach has a wide range of services available in the adjacent neighbourhood.