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History of Valencian wine

Wine is an ancient tradition in Valencia, part of the way of life. It's been present since Iberian, Phoenician and Roman civilisations populated the lands thousands of years ago.

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The presence of wine in Valencia since thousands of years ago is confirmed through many remains, such as the archaeological sites at Denia and Lliria from the 6th and 7th centuries B.C.; the Kelin archaeological site at Caudete de las Fuentes (in the area of ​​the D.O. Utiel Requena) that dates back approximately 2,500 years and more recent medieval wineries, such as those of La Villa in Requena.

This wine tradition confirms the region's wine-growing suitability due to the richness of the land and the hours of sunshine.

For many years Valencian wine was considered a commodity (aka cheap plonk), since most of the wine produced was sold in bulk and much of it was destined for export, without providing it with any added value.

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Fortunately, the latest generations of oenologists, winery owners and vine growers, have put great effort into transforming the local viticulture into something that is now respected internationally, employing high quality production techniques that result in world-class wines.

In addition, the development of smaller boutique wineries has led to innovation and craft quality, which in turn has improved the image of Valencian wines. Both small and large Valencia wineries now participate in this commitment to quality and care in winemaking.

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