Xativa Historic Town

Xativa is a great option for an easy and rewarding day excursion. Lying just 43.5 miles (70 kms) from Valencia, Xativa’s main attractions are its historic quarter and imposing medieval castle, whose walls can be seen from the Sierra of Vernissa.

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An enchanting city, Xativa has an eclectic collection of historical tales and prominent architecture spanning various centuries from Roman and Arab periods through to more recent Christian times.

It is also well known as the cradle of prominent historical figures such as the famous Borgia family, which boasts the famous painter José Ribera and two other family members who became Popes during the XV century.

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Lose yourself in the narrow streets of the historic centre and the labyrinth of the Arab quarter. You'll find churches, convents, palaces and fountains which all tell stories of sieges, revolutions and legends.

Take the Calle Corretgeria staircase down to the beautiful market square area. Calle Montcada is another interesting area where building facades are decorated with coats of arms, honouring noble families.

Xativa Castle

This unmissable attraction affords wonderful panoramic views of the surrounding area right out to the distant sea. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm (7pm in summer). Price: €2

TIP! Xativa records the highest temperatures in the region during summertime. For those who have difficulty with the heat, we recommend you visit Xativa outside the summer months of July and August.

How to get there:

Train: Regular commuter train is available from Valencia (line C-2), leaving every 30 minutes during peak hour.

By car: 45 minute drive.

Private group tours are available with bus transport.

For further information, please contact Xàtiva tourist office located at Alameda de Jaume 50. Phone 96 227 33 46.