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Valencia Airport Tips

Got your flights booked and raring to go? Relax when you fly in and out of Valencia airport with our insider's tips.

Valencia airport is modern, clean, efficient and conveniently small, and with these 6 tips you'll have an even more pleasant journey through the terminal.

Tip 1: Book a transfer

Airport transfers

When you arrive after a long journey don't waste time queuing up at the airport taxi line and taking your chances with the first driver that comes available. Book an airport transfer to your destination instead. This way you guarantee a clean, air-conditioned vehicle with polite, careful driver will be waiting for you when you come out of the terminal.

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Tip 2: Use the domestic flights area

Domestic area

When departing from Valencia, don't get stressed in the busy international gate area after going through security, turn right and walk right to the end to the domestic area instead (gates 13 to 22). There are usually less domestic flights, so you'll find a quieter café and toilets, children's play area and comfortable armchairs to relax in.

Airport play area

Keep your eye on flight announcements though as it could take you 5 minutes to walk back to your gate at the other end of the airport when your flight starts boarding.

Tip 3: Cheap water

Buy bottled water from the vending machines for as little as €1 per bottle, it's cheaper than the shops and bars and the machines take cards too.

Tip 4: Recharge your batteries

Charging points

Make the most of the chairs and tables in the domestic area where you can recharge your batteries and work comfortably, there is even free wifi.

Tip 5: Use the car park

If you have to pick someone up from the airport by car, use the car park, it is charged by the minute, very reasonably priced and only a short distance from the arrivals hall.

Tip 6: Have an early dinner

If your flight is departing later than 8pm then beware that most of the airport cafés/restaurants stop serving hot food surprisingly early for Spain, and food options may be limited. Have an early dinner before going to the airport or settle for a Burger King or sandwiches at the airport instead.

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