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Valencia vineyards and wine-producing areas

You'll find many vineyards producing excellent wine to the high standards of the Denominaciones de Origen Protegida - the "denomination" regulators of wine in the region.

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Throughout the Valencian region we can find different subzones, with different characteristics, which give them their own distinctive identities.

They include the three prestigious Denominaciones de Origen Protegida of D.O. Alicante, D.O. Utiel-Requena and D.O Valencia, as well as the protected-origin status groups - or Indicaciones Geográficas Protegidas - of IGP Castellón and IGP Terrerazo, the latter of which is a vineyard that lies within Utiel-Requena, but has its own special status.

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Also within the D.O. Valencia we find the Terres dels Alforins wine association, which brings together eleven wineries in a beautiful area with similar oenological traditions and landscapes, often referred to as the "Valencian Tuscany".

We can find hundreds of wineries scattered in different areas: more than 100 in the D.O. Utiel-Requena area, about 80 in D.O Valencia, 50 in D.O Alicante and 12 in IGP Castellón. From large cooperatives that produce millions of litres, to small wineries or vineyards with their own more select production.

Time and money has also been dedicated to restoring and modernising vineyards, making Valencian wineries some of the most impressive to visit, not only for their wine but also for their wonderful architecture and learning experiences.

Even if you don't have time to visit a winery or participate in any activity, in most local restaurants and bars you can find a wide variety of Valencian wines. Don't be shy to ask and try some!

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