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A Valencian Seaside Easter

This April, with exciting biblical processions and more than 500 years of tradition, the Semana Santa Marinera - or Maritime Holy Week - offers a fascinating perspective on Valencia, not seen by the majority of visitors to the city.

The event takes place 29 March-5 April 2015 in the neighbourhood of Cabanyal-Canyameral in Valencia's maritime district, El Marítim, next to the city's urban beaches.

We've selected some of the highlights, or you can also see the programme in Spanish here.

2 April 2015 - See the torchlight processions, starting at 11.50pm.

4 April 2015 - A fun and popular event will take place at midnight when residents in the neighbourhood throw water and old crockery from their balconies, symbolising "out with the old, in with the new".

5 April 2015 - Easter Sunday, 1pm, Parade of the Resurrection, participants dress up as biblical characters, carry flowers and set doves free.

Apart from seeing the festivities we recommend you get to know the area too. You can relax on the seafront promenade or beach, take a walk through the narrow streets, see the modernist houses and typical shops, or simply enjoy some local dishes for lunch by the sea.

You can also take the opportunity to visit the marina and take a boat trip, with tours available daily.

Visit our Tours and Excursions section to see all our Valencia Boat Tours or contact us if you'd like a guided tour of the maritime district.

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