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Old Town and historic sights

Plaza de la Virgen

A visit to the Plaza de la Virgin is central to Valencia.  A must see when visiting the cathedral, the square is simply a pleasure to walk around or to sit down for a drink and enjoy this less frequented corner of the city.

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This lovely square is marked at one side with la Fuente del Turia (Turia Fountain), which represents the Turia River and depicts Neptune. At one end, you’ll find doors leading to the Cathedral. Known as the Apostle Doors for the carvings of the 12 apostles adorning the entry, the Water Tribunal meet here every Thursday at 12pm. Just beyond these doors, we also get a glimpse of the cathedral tower, the Miguelete. At the other side of the square you will find the entrance to the famous and lively Barrio del Carmen at Calle Caballeros.

The plaza is host to a number of bars and cafes where you can grab a something to drink at any hour of the day and soak up the atmosphere. Around the plaza they largely sell beverages and snacks, however there are some great restaurants close by including Seu Xerea or Trenca Dish which we recommend.

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TIP: If you’re in Valencia on a Thursday, it’s a good opportunity to see one of the weekly meetings of the "Water Court of the Plain of Valencia” held at 12 noon on the right side of Gothic Door of the Apostles of the Valencia Cathedral. Declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, the "Water Court" is the oldest working judicial institution in Europe. Contact us for a guided tour.

While always busy, this plaza is a little oasis of quiet open space without any traffic. A must for all guided tours in the historic centre, and also a great starting point for dinner or drinks in the Barrio del Carmen. The Plaza de la Virgin is also central to the festival of Las Fallas where the Virgin is entirely decorated with offering flowers.

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