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More Routes, Same Prices

Public transport

Good news for public transport in Valencia, this year, with a new bus route to the beaches south of the city at El Saler, El Palmar and El Perellonet, as well as a promise not to increase fares in 2015.

This means it will now be possible to get to Albufera lake for the standard single urban fare of €1.50 or using bus and public transport passes.

The new route 25 will run every 30-35 minutes in winter and every 15-20 minutes in summer. From the centre of Valencia it takes about 30 minutes to get to El Saler and to El Palmar in about 40 minutes.


All public transport fares - including bus, metro and trams - have been frozen for 2015.

A single fare on the metro remains the same at €1.50 or a Bonometro pass with 10 single fares costs €7.20. Children under 10 years travel for free, accompanied by an adult.

On the bus network a single fare also costs €1.50 or a Bonobus pass with 10 single fares costs €8. Children under 6 years travel for free on the buses and discounts are available for the under-25s too.

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