Adventure tours

Make the most of your visit to Valencia with an adventure surrounded by nature. Try kayaking, rafting, paintball, bungee jumping, hiking and many more activities. Most of our adventure tours take place an hour's drive from Valencia city and last half a day.

Look through all our adventure tours below, or browse for another tour type. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, or see our reservation policy.

Very Valencia

Valencia Blob Jumps - €39

Valencia blob jumping

Try the ridiculously brilliant new activity of blob jumping in Valencia.

Invented by bored American soldiers on a rubber fuel tank, this fast-growing thrill offers a combination of fun, water and adrenaline that is blobby easy to try!

A fantastic day out for individuals or groups, including stag and hen parties.

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Very Valencia

Valencia Go-Karting - €45

Valencia go karting

As experienced host of international Formula 1 and MotoGP races, Valencia is the ideal place to test your motor racing skills.

These karts can reach speeds of 40mph (65kmh) on this exciting, bendy 650 yard (600m) circuit, which will push you to your driving limits.

The track can handle up to 20 drivers and your event will be organised in a pro GP format.

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Very Valencia

Valencia Rafting Tour - from €50

Valencia Rafting Tour

Experience the adrenaline rush on this great half-day white water rafting tour!

This popular activity is great fun and available for novices as well as experienced rafters.

Offering both class 1 rafting, perfect for families, or class 2 for the more advanced, our professional tour operators ensure a safe and great time is had by all.


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Very Valencia

Valencia Longboard Skate - €39

Valencia longboard skate

We're excited to offer longboard skate, another fantastic new activity for you to try in Valencia.

Due to their extra length and our great instructors, these skateboards are quite quick and easy to master and suitable for all ages and abilities.

This is a great activity for individuals or groups, including stag and hen parties.

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Very Valencia

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) - from €29

Paddle surf (SUP) en Valencia

Discover why stand up paddle is one of the world's most fashionable sports right now when you try SUP in Valencia.

This activity is suitable for everybody and the Royal Marina or urban beaches provide the perfect locations to try it out with the help of your professional instructor. A great option for friends, family, stag and hen parties, or any other groups.

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Very Valencia

Valencia Jet Ski Tours - from €30

Valencia Jet Ski

Be adventurous, shun a relaxed day on the beach in Valencia and have some laughs at sea on a jet ski!

Starting at the city's central marina, you'll be shown how to ride and be accompanied at all times by a professional instructor on another jet ski, guaranteeing complete safety and extra fun.

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Very Valencia

Valencia Kayak Tours - from €55

Valencia Kayak Tours

Discover the exhilaration of kayaking in Valencia.

With a variety of options available, including calm inland waterway kayaking, white water or sea kayaking, there is something for everyone.

Whether you choose our half-day tour or multiple day courses, you will have the time of your life!

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Very Valencia

Valencia Canoe Rafting Tour - €50

Valencia Canoe Rafting Tour

Similar to the popular rafting tour, our half-day canoe rafting tour allows you to explore the river in inflatable two-man canoes.

Navigate with your experienced guide, who will choose a route according to your preferences.

Whether gliding through the calm waters or shooting through faster rapid zones, you’ll love discovering this beautiful river from your canoe.

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Very Valencia

Valencia Canyoning Tour - €55

Valencia Canyoning Tour

Love adventure? Then this is the tour for you!

Get close to nature, as you abseil impressive waterfalls found among the region's canyons and ravines.

Feel the rush of adventure and experience the beauty of nature as you descend waterfalls into pristine water pools below.


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Very Valencia

Valencia Canoe Tour - €50

Valencia Canoe Tour

A great way to see the river for all ages! Travel down river in a two-man canoe on this half-day guided tour.

Our stable two-man canoes make this a great activity to share with family or friends as you paddle down stream taking in your surroundings.

With your guides by your side, you are assured to make the most of this activity.

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Very Valencia

River Stand Up Paddle Tour - €50

Stand Up Paddle Tour near Valencia

This new sport is great fun for all ages!

SUP, or Stand Up Paddling was developed as an alternative to surfing.

Boards are extra long and wide, giving greater stability to stand on and paddle with ease.

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Very Valencia

Valencia Hydrospeed Tour - €50

Valencia Hydrospeed Tour

Descend the rapids at water level with this adrenaline pumping activity!

Hydrospeed uses a board similar to a boogie board, designed to descend white water, allowing for maximum versatility and enjoyment.

Surf down the river on your hydrospeed board, using your fins to guide, turn and add power to your ride.


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Very Valencia

Valencia Jucar River Cruise - €19

Valencia Jucar River Cruise

Discover Muela de Cortés Nature Reserve’s breath-taking landscape with a relaxing cruise along the Jucar River.

The perfect outing for nature lovers and all the family!

Cruises depart mornings and afternoons, allowing time for additional activities such as a stroll along the riverbank.

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Very Valencia

Bungee Jumping - from €42

Bungee Jumping near Valencia

Get ready for the adrenaline rush of your life!

Whether getting ready to make your first jump or making a repeat jump, there is nothing like the feeling of freedom experienced as you leap into the void.

Jumping from 82 ft (25 metres) over the beautiful Cabriel River valley, any lover of thrills and adventure will remember this day for a long time!


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Very Valencia

Valencia Paint-Ball Tour - €34

Valencia Paintball Tour

Test your warrior instincts and head off for some light-hearted fun with family, friends or stag parties!

An excellent team building activity, sure to please all who love challenge and adventure!

Work in teams of 7 to 10, and make your way around the paintball zone, set up with strategic obstacles and hide-outs.


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Very Valencia

Valencia Hiking Tour - from €42

Valencia Hiking Tour

Explore some of the stunning natural surroundings on offer in the Valencian region with our half-day trekking tour.

Relax and take in the charming landscape as our guided walking tour leads you through vineyards, pine forests and olive groves.

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Very Valencia

Valencia Via Ferrata Tour - €39

Valencia Via Ferrata Tour

This combination tour featuring canyoning, climbing and trekking is a great day out for lovers of adventure sports. All you need is to be physically fit, comfortable with heights and a have sense of adventure!

Get close to nature and give yourself a challenge that you’ll thoroughly enjoy. Follow a well-prepared route along massifs and walls, equipped with appropriate steps, bolts and safety wires.

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Very Valencia

Combined Adventure Tour - €50

Valencia Combined Adventure Tour

Try your hand at a combination of fun adventure activities with this great multi-activity tour!

Perfect for those who can’t quite decide on the perfect adventure, this two to three hour tour gives you a taste of rock climbing, abseiling, zip lining, fun tarzaning and the Tibetan bridge.

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Very Valencia

Combined Activities and Competitions for Groups - from €51

Combined Activities and Competitions for Groups in Valencia

We specialise in combining adventure tours for groups, designed to promote teamwork, competition, and above all, FUN!

Combine both water and land-based activities, with a number of options to choose from, including kayacking or rafting, climbing, rapelling, zip-line and more.

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