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Fallas Museum

If you can't visit Valencia for Las Fallas, then this museum full of the festival's ninots (giant puppets or dolls) is a must!

Each year, by popular vote, one ninot is “pardoned” from the traditional burning on 19th March and added to the museum’s collection.

The Fallero Museum is located in an old inn, which later housed a barracks and military prison.

This fascinating collection exhibits ninot’s from 1934 onward. The collection is a wonderful demonstration of aesthetic and artistic evolution over time. The museum also features posters and photography and informative videos, which tell the story of the “Fallas Festival”.

TIP! The museum is located very close to the old river bed between the Opera House and the City of Arts and Science, allowing you to make the most of your day, including a walk along the river, with a stopover at the Fallero Museum.

Opening hours:

Closed on Mondays

Tuesday to Saturday: 10am - 7.00pm

Sundays and holidays: 10am - 2pm


€2/ €1 (groups, young people's card, pensioners and children between 7-12 years)

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: free

How to get there:

Address - Plaza Monteolivete, 4

By bus: Take bus number 13 from Roger de Lauria near Town Hall Square, getting off close to the Plaza Monteolivete. Or alternatively, bus number 19 at Town Hall Square by Marques de Sotelo.

By metro: Take the metro to Alameda, from here it is a 15-20 minute walk along the riverbed, turning off when you reach the Monteolivete area.

Ph: 963 525 478, ext. 4625.