Very Valencia

City of Arts and Science

Oceanographic Aquarium

The largest aquarium in Europe, Valencia's Oceanographic Aquarium features marine life from all corners of the globe.

Showcasing 500 different species and 45,000 examples of marine life, including dolphins, beluga whales, penguins, walruses and hundreds of tropical fish, the aquarium is not to be missed!

In addition to the aquatic life, you’ll find a grand hall with birds and beautiful gardens.

Glass tunnels and vaults take you beneath the tanks allowing you to see the aquatic life swimming above. You’ll feel just like you're under the sea! An incredible experience!

TIP! Purchase a Passport Animalia (€30 adults, €15 children) and have an hour and forty-five minute encounter with the dolphins, walruses and sea lions (accompanied by keepers). The Animalia Passport will only cost you an extra €15 with a general entry ticket to the aquarium.

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: and Sunday 10-6pm

Saturday: 10-8pm

Tickets: Available at the aquarium, online or by calling 96 047 0647.


Adults: €28.50 ,

Children: €21.20

Concession: €21.50 or €24.20


Food: “Submarine” restaurant, two additional restaurants, pizzeria, ice cream shop and burger bar. Other: Lifts, bathrooms, five gift shops, ATM, medical assistance, parking and telephones. Several guided tours options are available.