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Fascinating Art at an Intriguing Venue

Juan Uslé

A fascinating new exhibition by Spanish artist, Juan Uslé, opened, on Friday, at the Bomba Gens Art Centre in Valencia.

Called "Eye and Landscape" - Ojo y paisaje - it presents a selection of Uslé's works from the late eighties, with expressionist, abstract landscapes and robust brushstrokes, as well as some of his more recent works from "I dreamed that you revealed" - Soñé que Revelabas - a series of unusual self-portraits.

Soñé que Revelabas

The Bombas Gens art centre is located in a wonderful old hydraulic pump factory, an intriguing historic building that also contains a medieval wine cellar and an air-raid shelter built in 1938 during the Spanish Civil War.

Earlier works

Curated by Nuria Enguita and Vicent Todolí, the exhibition is open to the public until 12 September 2021. The numbers of visitors are being restricted and face masks are compulsory under current COVID prevention measures.

Intriguing building

Find more information about the exhibition in English on the centre's website.