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Valencia is fully open for tourism and plenty of boat trips, water sports and other activities are available.

Almost all hotels, beaches, bars, restaurants and attractions are up and running, albeit with important extra hygiene measures in place. Schools also re-opened in Valencia, this week, but nightclubs are closed and there is a 10 person limit for groups meeting, eating or doing other activities together in Valencia city (but not the surrounding areas).

It is mandatory to wear a face mask in public everywhere, with the exception of beaches, or bars and restaurants while consuming food and drink (but you should still wear your face mask when ordering, when not eating or drinking, or when visiting the toilet).

Spain has seen a rise in cases on a national level recently, so some countries are unfortunately advising against travel to the country as whole. This seems rather unfair to people that wish to visit popular tourist destinations such as Valencia, where case numbers have been much lower, but we recommend you check travel advice from your own government, travel agency and/or airline if you plan to visit in the near future.

It is difficult to find directly comparable statistics about the current rate of infection for different regions in Europe, but the latest Spanish government figures show the 14-day cumulative number of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 in the Valencia region is 135.5 compared with 238.9 for Spain as a whole, or 169.0 for Catalonia, where Barcelona is located.

The latest figures from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control show that the equivalent for France is 143.7, for the Netherlands 61.6, for the United Kingdom 45.1, for Italy 32.1 and for Germany 21.1.

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