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Brits Keen to Buy Property on Valencia Coast

Results from a survey of 3,000 Brits conducted at the height of the lockdown show an eagerness to buy property in Valencia, and Spain as a whole.

Results from the survey, by website Property Guides, showed:

  • 60% of participants want to buy a property in Spain by the end of next summer
  • When asked what represents their dream life in Spain, 73% of people said they want a healthier lifestyle, 64% want a happy retirement and 49% want a new adventure
  • 61% of participants said they desire a detached villa and would be willing to spend over £125,000 (€139,000).
  • While 61% of respondents claimed to know they can keep their EU rights to residence and healthcare if buying property in Spain before the end of the Brexit transition period, 66% are not concerned about Brexit when considering buying property in Spain

The Costa Blanca, a region along the Valencia coast to the south of the city, was the top choice for buyers, with 27% saying they'd like to buy there. Of those, around 60% are retiring or moving for work.

Compared with those looking to buy in other parts of Spain, those interested in the Costa Blanca are more likely to want a detached house or villa, with one in four even being willing to consider a farmhouse in the Valencia countryside.

Buyers in the Valencia region are also more affluent than in other coastal parts of Spain, with one in seven willing to pay over £300,000 (€330,000) for a property, which was the highest rate outside the Balearic Islands. On the other hand, one in four are hoping to get away with spending under £100,000 (€110,000), which is not impossible, but might seem optimistic, on the Valencia coast at least.

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