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Valencia's Beaches Open Again

Valencia's city beaches re-opened fully, last week, with new rules and protections in place.

Whether you want to have a dip in the sea, sunbathe, or enjoy a pleasant meal in the bars and restaurants overlooking the beach, a visit to the beaches is back on the list of things you can do in Valencia.

The safety measures adopted against COVID-19 include wider entrances and exits with double walkways, minimum distances between sunbathers, more first aiders and lifeguards, extra cleaning, and special police surveillance including the use of drones and quadbikes.

Explanatory signs have been installed along the beaches so the new rules are clear and the Deputy Mayor of Valencia, Sergi Campillo, has asked everyone to be responsible and to use common sense when on the beaches.

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Photo 1: Nina Yaseen, Instagram @ninayaseen. Photo 3: Maria Curiel, Instagram @mariacurielmartinez

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