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Is Your Search for the Holy Grail Over?

There are many places that claim to have the original Holy Grail and even the BBC admits Valencia invariably tops the list, but now you can judge for yourself on our intriguing new tour.

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On this guided walking tour you'll see up close what locals claim to be the cup used by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper.

Known in Spanish as Santo Cáliz, this mysterious relic is closely guarded in a special chapel at the city's magnificent cathedral. Your professional guide will explain the fascinating history and you can decide for yourself whether this is the genuine article, or not.

As well as learning about the legends of the Holy Grail and having a complete tour of the cathedral's awesome architecture, your excursion also includes a walking tour of the rest of Valencia's Old Town, followed by a delicious lunch.

You'll learn about more than 2,000 years of local history with our professional guides, who will share the stories and architectural highlights of Valencia, including the Roman ruins and old Muslim city.

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Your guided walk includes a visit to the Central Market for a tasting of traditional local drink and sweet delicacy, horchata and fartons, all included in the tour price.

Among the other sights you'll visit are the Lonja (the Silk Exchange) -- a UNESCO World Heritage Site -- the Basilica, and other buildings of historical importance, such as the Marques de Dos Aguas Palace.

At the end of the tour you'll have a break to relax or do some souvenir shopping and then it's time for your authentic Valencian paella (not a tourist version!) and some fine local wine at a fantastic restaurant nearby.

The menu includes fresh baked bread with a special type of local garlic mayonnaise called ajoaceite, a fresh local salad, traditionally cooked Valencian paella, fantastic regional wine, homemade dessert, drinks and coffee or tea.

As you sip your wine with lunch, your mind is sure to wander back to the Holy Grail and whether you have just witnessed one of mankind's most famous historical artifacts... or not?!

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