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Get Up, Stand Up

Valencia in the summer is the perfect place to try one of the world's fastest-growing sports: stand up paddle boarding.

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This activity is suitable for everybody and Valencia's marina and beach areas provide an excellent location to try it out with the help of your professional instructor.

You'll start on solid ground with a short lesson on how to use the paddles, get up, and keep your balance.

Beginners can practice quietly in the calm water of the marina and then head out to open water if they want something more adventurous. Those that have tried it before can go straight out to the waves if they wish.

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Before you know it, you'll be gliding along on your board!

Your professional guide will be with you at all times and can show the most interesting places to paddle to. For those looking for more surf, they'll also accompany you out of the marina to catch waves along the nearby beaches.

You can either book a 1 hour introduction or 2 hours, which includes the introduction plus 1 hour of free time, giving you plenty of time to practice your new skills to perfection.

If you're in Valencia this summer this is a great activity to get away from the city heat and cool off in the fresh waves and breeze. Availability of boards and instructors is limited, so book ahead to avoid disappointment!

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