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New: Lovely Bubbly Cava Tasting

Valencian cava tastings

Tired of Prosecco? Try another lovely bubbly trend instead on our new Valencian cava tasting!

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The Valencian region has a long history of making cava and is now undergoing a wine-making renaissance, so this is the perfect time to try these delicious local sparkling wines, with this activity in the heart of the Old Town.

This fun, informal and informative cava tasting is suitable for anyone, from complete beginners or to wine experts.

Conducted by industry professionals whose enthusiasm for local bubbly is sure to rub off, you'll have a private tasting just for your group.

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You'll taste 4 cavas in total including white and rosé, from Valencia and neighbouring Catalonia. You'll learn how to study the aroma, look and taste of the cava, and why a good bottle of small production local wine is so much better than any supermarket fizz.

Expect glasses not just sips, and all tastings also include 2 delicious tapas per person to complement the cava.

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