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Flower Power Prevails

Hundreds of thousands of flowers will fly through the air in Valencia, today, in the traditional Battle of the Flowers.

Elaborately decorated floats will pass up and down the Paseo de la Alameda in the city centre, as crowds throw flowers at their occupants.

They in turn will attempt to defend themselves with tennis rackets and other improvised shields, whilst returning fire with more orange and yellow blossoms.

The special variety of marigold flowers are grown in fields around the city just for the celebration and the floats are designed and decorated in the famous Valencian style of Las Fallas, with incredible sculptures and passengers in colourful traditional costumes.

The annual event marks the end of the Great Valencia Fair for another year and is free for anyone to see (apart from some seating areas that must be reserved and paid for). So if you've ever wondered what a million flying marigolds would look like, get yourself down to the Paseo de Alameda at 8pm on 31 July 2016.

If this event doesn't seem messy enough, why not go to the Tomatina tomato battle on 31 August 2016 instead?

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