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Let the Great Valencia Fair Begin!

This year's Great Valencia Fair starts on 1 July 2016 and will see twice as many acts and activities as last year, with 250 events planned in 85 different locations around the city throughout July.

The Great Valencia Fair - Gran Feria de Valencia - is over 240 years old. Known formerly as the July Festival or Fair, it was first created to provide entertainment in the city in the summer, to try to prevent locals leaving for other destinations and to attract visitors from further afield too.

The first festival took place on 21 July 1871, with impressive horseback parades, pavilions, plant exhibitions and markets.

The detailed program for the Great Fair changes every year but here are some of the regular highlights:

Viveros Concerts

Live, night time concerts in the Viveros Gardens.

Fireworks Festival

Pyrotechnic displays that the Valencians are famous for, every Saturday at midnight in the old river bed (in front of Torres de Serranos).

Gran Nit de Juliol

The main event of the festival is La Gran Nit de Juliol in Valencian, or La Gran Noche in Spanish. Simply meaning: The Big Night, although many events start in the daytime. Find live music, street theatre and more, all around the city on the second-to-last Saturday of the month.

Battle of Flowers

This fantastically colourful event takes place on the last Sunday of the month in the Paseo de la Alameda in the city centre, and marks the end of the July Festival. Read more...

Download the full programme in English here (3.8Mb PDF).