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Get the most out of Fallas 2016

Visiting Valencia in Fallas is a spectacular experience. If you're a newbie to the celebrations check out our top tips and get the most out of everything.

- Organise and prioritise: There's a lot going on over many days, so check the program and choose the events you want to see most. We recommend you include at the minimum a mascletà, a fireworks display, the Ofrenda of flowers and some Fallas street lights. See our highlights calendar here and the full programme in English here.

- Map it out: Check out a city map to get your bearings. Most the activity is in the zone between the Old Town and the Russafa neighbourhood, but the fireworks displays are best seen from the river bed gardens, so be ready for an extra walk.

- Recharge your batteries: In between partying relax, put in some ear plugs if you're in the city centre and need some quiet. Escape on a catamaran tour or kick back on a lake boat tour.

- Forget cars: The best way to get round at Fallas is on foot, bike and public transport. Lots of roads are closed and driving a car or taking a taxi can quickly turn into a nightmare. Bus, metro, tram and bikes are the way to go!

- Don't miss the rest of Valencia: Although you could easily fill your whole time with Fallas activities, there are a lot of other things to do in the city too, museums, beaches, the aquarium, tours and excursions, and more.

- Enjoy the food and wine: Look out for special Fallas menus and try some fantastic Valencian food and wine at great prices. Book ahead, the best restaurants will be full over Fallas. To keep your energy up between meals, look for street stalls selling traditional buñuelo pastries with hot chocolate!

Contact us if you'd like to take one of our special Fallas tours or see more information about Fallas.