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Time Travelling in Valencia

Valencia antigua

Valencia celebrated the 150th anniversary of the demolition of the old city walls, last month, and if we travel back in time 150 years we find a very different place to the one we have today.

Back then the city had a circular design and was contained by walls that had defended Valencia over 3 centuries. The city was also on the banks of the original river Turia, which then still had water running in the river bed.

This urban profile started to change 150 years ago when, on 20 February 1865, the demolition of the ciity walls began, along with 10 of 12 defensive towers.

Valencia nowadays

Returning to the 21st century we find a Valencia that has grown beyond its old walls and a river bed turned dry, but now full of urban life.

Fortunately sites still exist to remind us of the former era, inlcuding the majestic Quart and Serranos Towers and remains of the original city walls next to the Colon metro station in the city centre.

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