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Las Fallas


Valencia Fallas and mascletà

Gunpowder is fundamental to Fallas parties. Valencians love the smell of gunpowder in all its forms: firework displays, mascletà (massive firecracker concerts) and smaller bangers being thrown around in streets.

Every day from 1 to 19 March the Plaza del Ayuntamiento becomes a central meeting point at 2pm. In front of City Hall, thousands of excited people gather to enjoy a party atmosphere. Thundering crashes echo around the old buildings and the smell of smoke and explosives rises above the crowd’s heads, as enormous firecrackers strung up across the square are detonated in a spectacular rhythmic pattern.

The best is saved for last with the biggest noise and crowds on 19 March, the Day of San José.

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The experienced pyrotechnic companies in Valencia guarantee safe shows and the maximum amount of gunpowder permitted in just one enormous cracker is 120 kg (265 lbs).

The event may literally shake you up but we strongly recommend you go along and take a look for yourself. It’s unforgettable, just remember to keep back a prudent distance!

Apart from the big mascletas, locals set off smaller crackers in streets in all parts of the city and you should be ready for a bang at any time of day or night. These bangers are sold in special shops and usually create more noise than danger, you’ll even see children playing with them but take care if you decide to join in!